Linuxfx 11 with Android support

Fast, stable and very safe

The Microsoft Windows 11 interface with the speed and security of Linuxfx

Friendly Interface
Take advantage of all your knowledge immediately! Linuxfx has the same interface as Windows 10 from Microsoft.
Android Support
Run Android apps and games. Install thousands of apps via PlayStore. Office 365 and 3D games are now supported.
Microsoft Applications
Linuxfx natively brings the Edge browser, Teams, Skype, PowerShell, Office Online, Code and more.
WxDesktop Interface
Linuxfx brings all the main tools of Microsoft Windows 11, this includes control panel, configuration screens, login, logout, etc ...
Personal Assistant
Helloa, Linuxfx personal assistant uses Google assistant technology to help you hear and execute your voice commands quickly and efficiently.
.EXE And .MSI Applications
Using Wine 7 and an advanced compatibility mode, Linuxfx runs a wide range of Microsoft Windows applications with just a double click.
Users Who Like Microsoft Windows 11

Linuxfx 11 Professional

The new Linuxfx 11 is compatible with all 64-bit computers. With the new desktop interface, you can now focus on what really matters. Download the free version now!

Linuxfx 11 Professional
Users Who Like Microsoft Windows 10

Linuxfx 11 Windows 10 Desktop Theme

The Plasma interface is modern, intuitive, with several features, graphic effects and transparencies. The Plasma version is very faithful to the design of Microsoft Windows 10, bringing all its components, from the start menu to the logout screen. Suitable for users who have a two core CPU, 2GB of ram or more.

Linuxfx 11 Windows 10 Desktop Theme
Users Who Like Microsoft Windows 7

Linuxfx 11 Cinnamon

The Cinnamon interface is sober, with a clean design and few effects. The Cinnamon version is for users who like the design of Microsoft Windows 7 merged with Microsoft Windows 10. Suitable for users who have a one core CPU, 1 GB of RAM or more.

Linuxfx 11 Cinnamon

“What is the difference?”

Free Edition
All operational features
Android apps and games support
WxDesktop system settings and tools
Assistant by voice command
Microsoft Active Directory
OneDrive in file manager
Use of all WxDesktop resources
Limited, 30 days

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Linuxfx 11: fast, secure and stable.

You do not need to learn computer science again to operate a computer. Meet Linuxfx 11, your new operating system!

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More than 1.5 million users have downloaded Linuxfx worldwide. The data is from SourceForge.