Wubuntu and Linuxfx are supported by donations from users.

With every donation of $35, the user receives a lifetime Serial Key to use the PowerTools. This was the way our development team found to thank our supporters. All money raised is used to continue developing the operating system and update the PowerTools.


When you make a donation to the system you receive a lifetime Professional PowerTools key. All extended features such as OneDrive, improved Wine support, Android support, Active directory and many others will be available for life and you will also help the development of our system!


Maximum security when buying online. With PayPal your purchase is fully protected. Transactions are made directly between you and PayPal.
The key will be automatically sent to your email. In some cases it may take a few hours for you to receive the key. You can buy multiple keys for the same email.


Users from Brazil can make a donation directly to a PIX key. It is necessary to notify about the donation by sending the receipt directly by email or WhatsApp.
To receive your key via PIX, you must send an email to support@linuxfx.org or a WhatsApp message to 11 96426-5143 attaching proof of payment.