Linuxfx 11.0 WxDesktop 11.0.2 - 01/02/2022

This update is automatically distributed to all Linuxfx 11.0 systems. ISO is updated for Download.

  • Complete Spanish translation
  • Improved Android subsystem (this update will only be effective on Linuxfx 11.0 systems with Android support. Versions without Android support will not receive this update)
  • Added configuration of mouse icons and pointer size in control panel
  • Fixed license update error for PRO version users


Android ported to Linuxfx 11 LTS Edition - 12/22/2021

Running Android games and apps with graphics acceleration is now possible. It is with great pleasure that we announce the newest Linuxfx update! Thousands of apps are now available in Android System PlayStore for Linuxfx. Apps like Office 365 and games like Fornite can run natively inside Linuxfx. Interface improvements and important updates were also implemented. Download the new version of Linuxfx now.

Android ported to Linuxfx 11:

  • OpenGL crossover Linuxfx to Android implemented
  • Android support implemented
  • All packages system updateds
  • Fixed various low core system issues
  • WxDesktop updated


Linuxfx 11 for x86 64 bits PC LTS Edition - 11/03/2021

After months of development, it is a great pleasure to announce the release of the LTS version of Linuxfx 11. This version brings great improvements and innovation to the Linuxfx desktop. Among the new features, we can list:

WxDesktop ported to version 11:

  • Android with accelerated graphics (for games) and apps now supported - available in upcoming updates
  • New MS-Windows 11 Control Panel
  • All features now support dark theme
  • Fixed one-drive login issue
  • Added new automatic WxDesktop updater
  • Fixed issues with personal assistant
  • All system ported to Fluent theme
  • New MS-Windows executable program support tool
  • Added stable MS-Edge browser
  • Improved support for device drivers
  • Improved Active Directory support
  • Improved boot system
  • Fixed issues with blur and shader
  • System now runs blur and shader natively


Linuxfx 11 for x86 64 bits PC Pre-Release - 10/09/2021

We released the third preview. In this review, we fixed the problem with serials, updated all data structure, onlyoffice and tools in general.

  • WXDESKTOP:  Fixed many bugs including license
  • WXDESKTOP:  External translation system included. Now everyone can translate WxDesktop
  • SYSTEM: Update core system and all packages
  • APPS: Update OnlyOffice and other tools


Linuxfx 11 for x86 64 bits PC Preview 02 - 09/20/2021

We launch the second preview. In this review we include the light, dark and dark taskbar themes, as well as the window theme and some icon fixes. Users who mess up the system's appearance can now come back with just one click! For us this update is very important, as users were messing up the appearance and were not able to return to their original state. We no longer have this problem.

11.0 PREVIEW 2

  • DESKTOP:  Added light, dark and dark taskbar themes
  • DESKTOP: Changing some PNG icons to SVG
  • WINDOW MANAGER: Added Windows 11 window shape, themes and window buttons


Linuxfx 11 for x86 64 bits PC Preview 01 - 09/17/2021


It is with great pleasure that I announce the release of the first image of version 11 of Linuxfx. The System is complete and fully functional, being the first stable version that we make available for download. As there are many news, I will describe the basics in the changelog below:

11.0 PREVIEW 1

  • KERNEL: 5.11 LTS
  • VOICE COMMANDS: Built-in Helloa Assistant + Google voice commands
  • PACKAGE BASE: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Neon (.deb)
  • MICROSOFT .EXE SUPPORT: Fx (build) Wine 6 .exe and .msi support
  • THEME: Linuxfx WxDesktop Windows 11 Theme
  • WXDESKTOP: 11.1 + FX Shaders
  • SYSTEM: Update all packages


Linuxfx 10.8.4 for Raspberry-PI 2,3 and 4 - 07/29/2021

We are happy to announce that Linuxfx is now available for the Raspberry-PI mini computer. Now you can enjoy your mini computer as a full-featured desktop, with many features that are also available in Linuxfx for PC.


Linuxfx 10.8.4 (Cinnamon and Plasma Edition) - 07/15/2021

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of Linuxfx version 10.8.4 with Cinnamon and Plasma editions.

Now the user can log in to their Microsoft account directly in the edge browser, access Microsoft Office Online and various legacy tools such as Teams, Skype, Code, PowerShell and more.

Linuxfx 10.8.4 runs entirely on Ubuntu 20.04, bringing great stability and security. Linuxfx tools can be updated directly via the "update" application, which can be called directly from the terminal. Linuxfx Update will start automatically when there is a direct update to Linuxfx.

Version 10.8.4 brings several driver and interface improvements, and it is highly recommended to upgrade immediately from older versions of Linuxfx to 10.8.4

Bugfix List:



  • ARM :Introduced for ARM 32 bits (Raspberry-PI 2,3 and 4) platform
  • CALAMARES: System Swap as enabled
  • CALAMARES: System country auto detection as enabled
  • WXDESKTOP: OneDrive start bug
  • SYSTEM: Reduced image size to fit on a DVD
  • SYSTEM: Update all packages
  • SYSTEM: Removed some unnecessary programs
  • APPS: Added PlayOnLinux, Steam



  • CALAMARES: Change to 1.5GB ram minimun requirid for system install
  • CALAMARES: Fix Skype Repo Key bug crash install
  • CALAMARES: Disabled update apt list on instalation
  • WXDESKTOP: Fix all minimal bugs and update to 1.0.8
  • SYSTEM: Update all system packages to atual date
  • SYSTEM: All minimal bug fix